Course Layout

COURSE CHANGES: Due to construction on the Overpass on Southside Road, the turn-around point on Southside Road will be shorter than usual by about 200 meters. The distance will be made up by an out-and-back in the village of Blackhead, between Km 3 and Km 4. As a result of this unforeseen change, the kilometer markings we already have in place for 4km to 14km will be off by 400 meters.

Full Course

Downtown Details



This is the profile for the test run in 2006. For the certified 20 km course a 1 km out and back was added on the flat on Southside Road.


The graph below is the MotionBased™ view of the same route drawn to the scale used within that service. It looks scary! But the vertical scale is actually exaggerated compared to the horizontal.