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  • Online Registration Only - Runners & Volunteers
  • All communications via web, email, and e-documents
  • Special event applications prepared and submitted electronically
  • Option not to receive Tech shirt
  • No paper content in kit bag, Runner's Guide, coupons, etc distributed by email
  • Green buses to take all runners to the start
  • Shuttles to/from parking to finish area for spectators and participants
  • Shuttle to reception for out-of town participants
  • Hybrid lead car
  • Car pooling of marshals and water station volunteers
  • Water dispensed in recyclable paper cups, not bottles
  • Snacks distributed from bulk trays, not individual bags
  • No thermal blankets provided, runners' gear brought to finish area
  • Finish Certificates distributed electronically
  • Read communications online, only print essentials
  • Do not request a tech shirt if you won't use it
  • Car pool to the bus pickup points and reception
  • Encourage your friends and spectators to use the shuttle buses
  • Only take the food you will consume, and napkins you will use
  • Check in warm gear for the finish line so you won't need a thermal blanket
  • Only print your finish certificate if you are going to display it

Reduce means using fewer resources in the first place. This is the most effective of the three Rs and the place to begin.

Buy products made from recycled materials. Choose energy-efficient electronics, appliances, and cars, and try carpooling. Buy stuff made close to home since less energy is used to transport it to the store. Buy used. Avoid overly packaged goods. Cut back on water use at home. Waste less energy on lights and equipment.
  • Attractive, re-usable cloth tote bag used for kits
  • Permanent signage
  • Linens, permanent cutlety and plates used for food service
  • Left over food to be donated to food bank
  • Draw prizes provided in reusable bags
  • Re-use your kit bag for other purposes
  • Bring your old sneakers to the Reception for reuse

Before you recycle or dispose of anything, consider whether it has life left in it. A jam jar can store leftovers. An old shirt can become a pajama top. An opened envelope can become a shopping list. A magazine can be shared. DVDs can be traded. A dishwasher can be repaired. A computer can be upgraded. A car can be resold. A cell phone can be donated.

Reusing keeps new resources from being used for a while longer, and old resources from entering the waste stream. It's as important as it is unglamorous. Think about how you can do it more.

  • Meetings use, where necessary, recycled materials for notes and records
  • 80% recycled content paper used in notification flyers to residents
  • Recyclable paper cups for dispensing water and Gatorade
  • Recyclable cups and waste collected and separated at water stations
  • Banana peels collected for composting
  • Finish area juice packs and paper cups collected for recycling
  • Collection of unwanted bibs for recycling
  • Napkins made from recycled paper
  • Use of appropriate recycling and waste containers at Reception
  • Age Group Placing Certificates printed on recycled paper
  • Place your waste and recyclables in the proper containers provided
  • Recycle your custom bib if you aren't keeping it for the memories

Recycling is the "R" that has caught on the best. Most materials can be recycled including metals, glass, plastics, and paper based products. Don't forget tires, waste oil, and left over paint. Food scraps can be composted.

Recycling facilities differ from community to community, so check out what you can do locally.
  • Green Guide section of Runner's Guide
  • Sneaker Collection at Health Expo
  • Green Page on web site
  • Read the green materials provided and see how you can participate

Check out Athlete's for a Fit Planet Event Directory for other eco-friendly activities.

Make a formal commitment to support events that are going green by taking the Athlete Ecopledge at Athlete's for a Fit Planet.

Find out the details of the St. John's Recycling Program and make sure you take action.

Athletes for a Fit Planet

Athletics NorthEAST and the Penney Mazda Cape to Cabot have subscribed to the Pledge of Sustainabilty as established by Athletes for a Fit Planet.

We have joined such major events and organizations as the Marine Corps Marathon, Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon, and USA Triathlons in working toward lowering the impact of our athletic events on the planet.

Athlete's EcoPledge
Green Events Calendar