Putt & Murrin Claim Victory

Finisher Medal Jennifer Murrin set a new women's course record with a time of 1:19:32 while Zach Putt was the repeat male winner clipping nearly 2 minutes off last year's time in 1:16:47. A record 448 finishers completed the 13th running of the Orangetheory Fitness Cape to Cabot 20k. Murrin in 8:11 and Putt in 7:57 were the Munn Mile winners.

For the women, Stephanie Nevin was second in 1:29:57 and Janelle Simmons third in 1:32:40.

For the men, Mark Richards was second in 1:24:49 while James Cadigan placed third in 1:25:28.

2019 Results