• No Parking: There is no parking on the top of Signal Hill or at Cape Spear.
  • Buses to Start for Runners
    • 6:45 AM Departure
    • Parking/Departure: Fort William Building
    • Pickup at Marriott hotel en route
    • Buses will provide shelter at Cape before start
  • Kit Return: Buses will return runner kits to the Finish
  • Parking for Spectators: Fort William Building only
  • Shuttle Buses on Signal Hill
    • Free for spectators and runners
    • Shuttles run from Fort William Building to Cabot Tower and back
    • Pick up and drop off: Fort William Building, Walsh's Square, Battery Hotel, GeoCentre, Interpretation Centre, and Cabot Tower
    • Continuous 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Parking & Transport Locations

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