Kit Pickup, Health Expo

Pickup Location

  • WHEN: Saturday, October 19, 2019 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • WHERE: Marine Institute, Ridge Road
  • WHAT: Vendors, Kits, Bouncy Castle!

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Pickup Details

  • As 500 runners will be picking up their kits, to avoid congestion and delays, please do not wait until the last minute!
  • Kits contain your Bib, Reception and Prize Draw tickets, Technical Shirt, Timing Chip, and other important items.
  • To have someone pick up your Kit for you, you must complete this authorization form and have the person bring it to pick-up.

Online Runner's Guide

  • All the details you need to know as a runner or friend of a runner are in the links below and the Runner's Guide, which will be emailed to you and can be downloaded from below.
  • For the safety of runners, many parts of the course are closed to car traffic. Runners are asked to keep to the right at all times, especially in the coned areas. Supporters are not allowed to drive alongside runners for any purpose!